Meet The Photographers

The Owner and Lead Photographer

Hi there and welcome!
My name is Samantha Crawford and I opened AOP in 2011.
My love for capturing memories began in 2000. I started taking pictures while camping in the Adirondacks, then at family gatherings such as parties and weddings. My aunt believed in me so much that in 2006, she told me I should start my own business, but with college and a few part time jobs already, starting a business was too daunting at the time.

However, after my own wedding in 2010, having trouble finding an affordable., professional photographer and after god closed one chapter in my life(teaching), I started AOP to offer high quality, affordable photography while doing something I am deeply passionate about. I have taken many business and photography courses since then, perfecting my skills and knowledge. I have captured memories at over 170 weddings since opening AOP in 2011 and photographed over 75 couples and families as well. I hope to chat with you!

Some fun facts about me:
 *I'm an only child and I am left handed.
*I love listening to music and dancing; and I love all genres.
*I graduated from OCC in 2008 with a Concentration in Music for voice and piano.
*I enjoy reading, relaxing on a beach, a medium rare steak and roller coasters.
*I love binge watching netflix, drinking hot cocoa, camping and snuggling with my babies.

Associate/Second Wedding Photographer

Hi, I'm Olivia! I aim to capture all those candid moments that are often times overlooked, while including my own artistic vision. I love seeing happy people and it's so rewarding to help others create lasting memories to look back on and relive.

The magic of photography captivated me at an early age and from the moment I got my first camera, I knew that it would be an important aspect of my life. Nothing could quite measure up to that feeling of complete freedom I felt with my camera in hand and the ability to create anything. I graduated from Ithaca College with a degree in Cinema and Photography and my journey led me here!

Some Olivia Trivia:
*I love going on adventures no matter how small
*My time is usually divided between new photo projects, hiking the high peaks, and watching mass amounts of movies and TV shows.

Photographing Weddings in Fayetteville, NC beginning 2023

Our Equipment

5 Canon 5d Mark III's Camera Bodies
Canon 135mm f/2L Lens
Canon 100mm f/2.8L Macro Lens
Canon 85mm f1.4L USM Lens
Canon 50mm f1.2L Lens
Canon 35 f1.4L USM Lens
Canon 16-35mm f/2.8/L Lens
Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L Lens

....just to name a few :)

Our Awards

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