~Liam and Emily’s Wedding~

Liam and Emily met in college. The day after move in day freshman year, their college had program orientations where she sat next to him. Being an automotive major, Emily was literally the only girl in the program. He was an automotive major with a 3rd year to add on a second degree in Motorsports (2 years automotive, 1 year Motorsports for 2 degrees) He was shy at first and ignored her but once they started talking, they couldn’t stop. He followed her around all day and at one point, she literally ditched him because he was annoying her(lol!). They became good friends shortly after tho. 2 weeks later, she met his family for the first time and that night after his family approved, he asked her out. He is her first and only boyfriend. She sure knows how to pick ’em!

They fell in love through a series of deep conversations about every topic one can think of. During the first 3 months, they covered their opinions on marriage, kids, politics, religion, etc, etc! Most of these conversations happened while they were star gazing. There was a very secluded construction site on campus for construction majors to use during the day. Being the highest point on campus and far away from any other people and lights, they frequently drove up there in his Audi convertible, put the top down, put on some music (usually Train, Jason Mraz, etc.) and just talked for hours.

This quickly became their favorite pastime. Emily’s favorite memory is “stargazing” on a very cloudy night when no stars were visible. Her and Liam just laid in pitch darkness for hours talking about life. Almost 3 years later, 2 weeks before graduation, Liam took her up to that same construction site, laid down a blanket, and handed her a book he made about their love story. At the end was “7 reasons why I love you” Number one, the last page, was “I want to spend the rest of my life with you” and a picture of the ring. She looked up and he was on one knee. Such a romantic! (PS his friend was hiding behind a stack of cinder blocks taking pictures of the whole thing!)

Their wedding was at the amazing Cracker Factory in Geneva NY. Please enjoy some of my favorites from their wedding day!


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