~Melissa and Xavier’s Wedding~

Olivia and I had the pleasure of working with these two for their wedding day. Since I was unavailable, Olivia photographed this small wedding solo and did a wonderful job as always.


Melissa and Xavier met online almost 4 years ago, Mel was splitting her time between Boston and Arizona with work. They spent a week texting back and forth and the same day Mel flew back from AZ to Boston, they met up that evening for drinks, which turned into dinner, which turned into coffee, which turned into a wonderful whirlwind of adventure and fun for these two!


They love adventure days, on weekends they can be found discovering a new brunch cuisine either in their home together or out somewhere new. They love exploring new places and are so glad to live in Syracuse because of all the outdoor beauty it offers. Weekends and vacations they always look for new mountains to explore, new trails to hike or bike, new waterfalls to adventure to and new mini golf courses to try out. They have been to Australia twice together and to Hong Kong and have travelled to Mexico together, and many parts of the US. Mel is from Australia and Xavier is from Texas. They have 2 dachsunds who they absolutely adore and who fill their lives with joy.


They first fell in love in October 2016 over coffee and cake in Boston. They wandered the common for hours kicking through leaves, laughing, joking and sharing their first kiss in the cold moonlight of a late October evening. They have been inseparable ever since. They moved into a small apartment in Boston in August of 2017 with Xavier’s sweet pup Nora. In April of 2018, they moved to Syracuse, and 12 months later, they purchased their first home!


Please enjoy our favorites from their special day!

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