~How I photograph weddings~

Almost every wedding has one – a guest who loves taking pictures.  They can be a nightmare for both the couple getting married and the professional photographer hired to capture the day.    

One wedding I was shooting recently had one of these well-meaning guests who definitely did not understand the concept of wedding photojournalism.  He kept asking the couple to pose for shots, which not only interrupted my client’s enjoyment of their day, but it resulted in a bunch of stiff looking images without much life.   

When the bride and groom were about to cut the cake he looked at me and asked, “Do you want the bride to be on the left or right?” My response? “Just cut the cake.” The couple laughed and what resulted might have been the best shot of the day.  When things died down, the guest asked me why I wasn’t posing the couple, so I explained that I considered myself a wedding photojournalist. 

Really, what wedding photojournalists try to do is capture the events and emotions of the wedding day as they happen. Ideally, each image should tell a story and when shown together, the images should tell the story of the wedding from start to finish.  

It’s less formal, it doesn’t rely on posed shots, and it has grown in popularity because of its effective use of spontaneity to capture the true essence of the day. Wedding photojournalists have added appeal to many couples who are a bit camera shy and because they’re much less obtrusive, allowing couples to relax and enjoy the day without feeling like they’re models on a photo shoot. 

Despite an “organic” approach, traditional wedding shots are not forgotten in wedding photojournalism. My philosophy with “formal” wedding portraits is to make the portrait session quick and painless, although I’ve had some couples that want to spend a few hours posing for shots and I’m happy to do that as well.

It is important to be on the same page with your Wedding Photographer and have the same style so whoever you chose can get the images you’ve dreamed about, all the while having an amazing experience while getting them! 

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