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My blog is meant to guide you in choosing the right photographer for your special occasion, provide you with additional insight into what it is like to work with me and get a peek into my recent sessions and weddings. 

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There are many styles and sizes of veils. The best veils for tossing in the air are floor length or longer, lightweight and with minimal detailing.

Besides some fun and creative ideas for pictures and my relaxed and calming personality, I have with me my 2 Canon 5d Mark III’s, a few lenses, typically my Canon 35, 50, 85 and 100mm, along with a lens critter to help grab kids and doggies attention. See some examples below of photos I used […]

For Brides: If you request pre-ceremony pictures, I will bring my HUGE emergency kit and leave in the back of my vehicle. Here’s just a few things I keep in it: Tylenol, allergy pills, tissues, pens, paper, bobby pins, nail clippers, tweezers, deodorant, vaseline, wet wipes, baby powder, sunscreen, disposable razors, lip gloss, hairspray, chapstick, […]

Wedding Day Timelines Below are 2 sample timelines regarding Wedding Day Photography. The first timeline is a traditional wedding timeline where the bride and groom do not see one another until the ceremony.  Click here to view Traditional Wedding Timeline    The other timeline includes a first look, where the bride and groom share some […]

I’d LOVE to share one of my FAVORITE places to take pictures in our area!! Thornden Park is a beautiful park in the Syracuse area just past the hospitals off Ostrom Ave. It features a gazebo and arches filled with vines and flowers in the right part of the season, a waterfall, brick paths and […]

Why Digital Images are Not Enough I got to thinking earlier this year about all the lovely weddings I have shot since 2011 and how few people have ordered an album at the time of booking or come back after their wedding to order an album. One of the first questions people ask when looking […]

There are many things to think about on your wedding day. Below are my recommendations for planning your wedding day photography and two sample timelines. Below is a traditional wedding timeline, at the end of this blog is a sample timeline with first looks prior to the ceremony. SAMPLE OF TRADITIONAL WEDDING TIMELINE Coverage Options […]

So much goes on in the course of a year that it can be difficult keeping up with all those special occasions. And just as quickly as they came, they’re over. Events like baptisms, birthdays, graduations, or other parties can happen so fast that you might not remember most of the day and all those […]

Traditional vs Photojournalism? Every wedding album has the highly staged group photos. You know the ones where everyone is lined up in a perfect row based on their height; or the photos where the wedding party is positioned in a variety of semi-awkward poses? Well, thankfully, there is another option that requires many less staged […]

There’s a great deal of planning that goes into portrait photography. Once you’ve found the perfect photographer, it’s time to think about things like outfits and props and locations! Here are a few tips to help you decide on the perfect spot for your on-location photo session. Choose a Meaningful Place You want your portrait […]

I thought I’d discuss this a little bit for those of you who may be wondering what a first look is or for someone who just wants some more information regarding them:) A first look is completed prior to the wedding ceremony. This gives the bride and groom a chance to see each other before […]

There are a couple of things I always like to mention before the session so you can come prepared. The first is wardrobe, which always generates questions. Let’s consider staying away from the cliché white shirt and blue jeans. Though it is a popular choice because it is easy, it does not tend to be […]

You have taken the necessary steps to book me to capture your session, wedding or social event. Now What??? Well, I have open email access daily, you may also schedule a phone consultation here or I can be reached by text. After we have booked your date, I will email you letting you know what […]

This usually starts with a questionnaire to see what services and options you are interested in for your big day. Once we discuss all your options and you make your selections, I will send you a proposal, payment schedule and agreement. You may sign your agreement and pay your retainer easily online or you can […]

Almost every wedding has one – a guest who loves taking pictures.  They can be a nightmare for both the couple getting married and the professional photographer hired to capture the day.     One wedding I was shooting recently had one of these well-meaning guests who definitely did not understand the concept of wedding […]

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