~What should I wear to my portrait session?~

There are a couple of things I always like to mention before the session so you can come prepared. The first is wardrobe, which always generates questions.

Let’s consider staying away from the cliché white shirt and blue jeans. Though it is a popular choice because it is easy, it does not tend to be the most flattering combination. In general, I always recommend against lighter colored tops, as they wash out your face. Darker colors always look best! The colors you choose do not matter as much as staying away from clashing patterns. No flannel, polka dot, Hawaiian shirt, argyle sweater combos. One of the things I have seen that works well is to bring a couple of clothing options. Layers are a great idea.

Another cool thing to do is to include items in your portrait session that are important to you or that you can have fun with. For example, if you have a motorcycle, bring it. If you have a Viking helmet, wear it. If you have a cute dog, bring it. If you have an ugly dog, leave it at home… haha, just kidding!

Our portrait sessions are full of fun! I capture you and your family in a candid way, with very minimal direction.

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