~Why You Need An Album~

Why Digital Images are Not Enough

I got to thinking earlier this year about all the lovely weddings I have shot since 2011 and how few people have ordered an album at the time of booking or come back after their wedding to order an album.

One of the first questions people ask when looking for a
wedding photographer is if they offer all the digital images
from their wedding. In fact, many couples plan to only
purchase the digital images and aren’t interested in anything

By only purchasing the digital images, you’re putting yourself
at a huge risk of losing your photos in just a few short years.

There are two scenarios that continually happen. In the first scenario, the image files sit on the storage device, forgotten. Life gets in the way. The wedding album never gets made.

The second scenario is the bride and or groom begins a layout and then realizes that they are in over their head, don’t know what they are doing or the design process is too time consuming for them to finish. So they stop and again, the images are forgotten.

Even I am guilty of having a hard-drive and external hard drives
full of photos of my kids and family that I simply haven’t
had time to order prints of yet.

This is why I believe that a professional wedding album
is very important. Even if you never do anything
except store it in a closet, you’ll still have images to look
at and enjoy years from now with no additional work

I hope that some of my clients did put together their own albums and had fun doing it but I have spoken to quite a few who just never have found time to do it. I want my clients to have something gorgeous to treasure forever and to revisit with their kids and grandkids.

USB’s, DVD’s and other memory sticks may not even work in 5/10 years!

You must have an album!

The Luxe Album is a contemporary flush mount wedding album. It is a wedding album designed for those who want elegant simplicity, but not austerity. Cover materials are available in animal-free leatherette, classic linen, or Japanese fabrics, with various photo option displays for the front. Available in several formats, the inside covers are decorated with your choice of Japanese-patterned accent fabric. Finally, the album is handsomely presented in its own matching storage box.


I only offer professional, high quality albums made
with archival inks and papers that are created to last for
generations with proper care.

I want the memories of your
wedding day to be seen and enjoyed by your family for years
to come. Don’t risk losing your memories. Make a beautiful album one
of your priorities. I promise you will not regret it.

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