~What I bring with me to a Wedding~

For Brides: If you request pre-ceremony pictures, I will bring my HUGE emergency kit and leave in the back of my vehicle. Here’s just a few things I keep in it: Tylenol, allergy pills, tissues, pens, paper, bobby pins, nail clippers, tweezers, deodorant, vaseline, wet wipes, baby powder, sunscreen, disposable razors, lip gloss, hairspray, chapstick, eyedrops, tums, Pepto, a couple of phone chargers, lint rollers, bleach pens, wrinkle releaser, safety pins, clear nail polish, q-tips, super glue, straight pins, scissors, and even extra earring backs and necklace clasps.

Seriously, if you forget it I probably have it. All the medicine is travel-sized and individually wrapped. I also have a bridal hanger and 10 bridesmaid/groomsman hangers should we need them.

Lots of preparation goes into wedding planning on my end. Besides cleaning equipment, charging batteries and packing up, I print out your formals list, and attach them to my super awesome clipboard that has pens, scissors, paper, a mini paper fan etc inside.

For equipment: I bring my 2 Canon 5d Mark III’s, my 100mm macro lens, my 16-35 wide angle lens, my beautiful prime lenses, 35, 50, 85 and 135. I also bring 2 speedlights if I need them for the reception.

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