~Is a Photojournalistic Wedding Photographer Right for my Wedding?~

Traditional vs Photojournalism?

Every wedding album has the highly staged group photos. You know the ones where everyone is lined up in a perfect row based on their height; or the photos where the wedding party is positioned in a variety of semi-awkward poses? Well, thankfully, there is another option that requires many less staged pictures. Are you breathing a sigh of relief already? Are you a bit camera shy or just don’t want to miss the party? Then please keep reading 🙂

You should seriously consider hiring a photojournalistic wedding photographer. This approach to wedding photography minimizes the number of posed shots that are taken during the wedding day (but still accommodates Grandma’s need to have a couple of special pictures with the bride and groom). For those who are completely unfamiliar with the benefits of hiring a photojournalistic wedding photographer, here are a couple of highlights:

  • Photojournalistic wedding photography allows the bride and groom to enjoy more of their day! Instead of having to spend an hour or two posing for photos, this process might only take 20-30 minutes. The means more time to interact with guests, and more time to bask in the glow of your big day.


  • A photojournalistic wedding photographer is an expert at capturing the spirit of a wedding. While posed photos will help you remember who your bridesmaids and groomsmen were twenty years down the road, they don’t always capture the essence of the married couple or the unique aspects of the wedding.


  • A wedding, much like everyday life, cannot be scripted. And oftentimes, it’s the unexpected moments that are the most memorable and precious. It’s these moments that photojournalistic wedding photography is best-suited to capture. After all, you and your fiancé are a one-of-a-kind couple…shouldn’t your pictures reflect that?

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