~How Often Should You Schedule a Session?~

So much goes on in the course of a year that it can be difficult keeping up with all those special occasions. And just as quickly as they came, they’re over. Events like baptisms, birthdays, graduations, or other parties can happen so fast that you might not remember most of the day and all those happy memories just slip away. That’s why hiring a photographer for these specific events can be so beneficial! We capture the memories so you can focus on the fun.

It’s always nice to hire a photographer for special events that only come once a year but what about all those moments in-between? Documenting your family’s growth can also be an important job for a photographer. Not to mention, professional photographs of the family make great gifts for relatives! Holiday themed photographs are always a big hit, whether they’re Christmas, Valentines Day, Halloween or maybe just some fun seasonal photos!

Think about scheduling at least one photo session for each of the following age groups:

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